105A-125A charger in 19″Wx30″H cabinet

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Compact Achieved with high frequency 5KW modules: Optimize space and feed loads while keeping batteries healthy.

Reliability – Is built in with modularity: Charger will keep feeding loads even in the event of control board failure: No more emergencies due to charger failure.

Versatility – Gained by having up to 3×5 KW modules in a wall-mount enclosure that can fit in a standard relay rack: In a 125 Vdc substation application, 5 to 105 A can be installed in the same enclosure.

Intelligence – Implemented by a touchscreen display giving access to all parameters and settings.

The P600 EZ-Swap provides the most comprehensive list of standard alarms & features in the industry: The P600 is quick and easy to install, use and maintain. It will also take care of batteries like no other charger.






With one easy to install cabinet, you can order a charger that will fit most substation applications. All installation and servicing operations have been simplified using intelligent modular design. Minimum technical knowledge and experience is needed to install, operate, maintain and service the P600 EZ-SWAP. High frequency Technology reduces the overall size and weight up to 80% compared to traditional chargers.

Less is more

  • Simplifies design and installation in a wide range of applications. One size wall mount cabinet smartly packaged to include up to 3 modules delivering up to 105 A at 125 Vdc., it fits in standard 19” & 23” relay racks.
  • Major emergencies caused by charger failures are reduced. Each module has its own microcontroller capable of operating even if the main controller is out.
  • Minimum technical knowledge required for charger diagnostic and repair, main controller or power modules can easily be replaced in less than 10 minutes.
  • No more wasted time with the easy to operate interactive touchscreen display, The menu is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • No risk of falling behind, the Primax P600 EZ-SWAP will evolve in time: Control boards can be easily re-flashed with new algorithms and functions, 8 digital inputs for future expansion. If more power or N+1 redundancy is required, the charger can be adapted by adding an extra module.

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