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The P5500 helps you to have reliable and regulated dc power and provides the communication means for remote control and for system information to avoid reduced service round-the- clock.

Used in a wide range of applications such as crane power supply, water de-ionization, plating, etc.

Fixed or variable output voltage up to 600Vdc and current needs up to 2000A/2MVA can be filled with our P5500 series rectifiers. 4-20mA, 0-5V, web page interface, serial communication and TCP/IP connectivity to mention a few of the integrated control options the P5500 series rectifiers can offer.

Our systems come in 2 configurations:

  • Low Power rectifiers are formed of a power transformer and power semiconductors and controls installed into the same enclosure for easy and user-friendly installation and connection.
  • Higher power units come into two separate enclosures: The power transformer enclosure and the power electronics and control enclosures. This helps to manage the heat dissipation thus improving the system reliability and availability.

Photos of Our P5500 Rectifiers: