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The compact P600 Flex Power functions as a battery charger, characterised by its minimal ripple and THD, ensuring an efficient and clean recharge for batteries and delicate equipment.

Its user-friendly menu, coupled with its lightweight and ergonomic design, simplifies its portability for on-site service requirements when a temporary charging solution is essential. With the capacity to deliver a maximum of 35A at 125Vdc and 65A at either 24Vdc or 48Vdc, it is well-suited for substation demands.

Furthermore, it can serve for permanent setups or the replacement of outdated chargers with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Notable Features:

  • 35A@125Vdc, 65A@48Vdc or 65A@24Vdc when powered by 208-240Vac-1ph-50/60Hz
  • 17A@125Vdc, 35A@48Vdc or 65A@24Vdc when powered by 120Vac-1ph-50/60Hz
  • 7 basic alarms with common form C contacts (dry contacts)
  • Easy access LCD for Float || Equalize || Alarm Reset and other operation functions
  • Wall mount key holes for permanent installation