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A UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems and it’s the associated battery system are the core of a critical mission supply system. Primax Technologies P850u UPS and P850i Inverter lines are designed to meet heavy and light industrial requirements. The design includes robust IGBT design with full SCR static transfer switch (STS), wide input and output voltage range, different enclosure protection types, wide operation temperature, flexible footprint to meet your site space, cold start capabilities, etc.

In addition to the UPS, Primax provides a complete custom engineered solution, site support and project management service:

  • Custom drawings and manuals
  • IEEE battery sizing
  • Protection coordination and selectivity
  • Higher power charging capabilities
  • Seismic designs
  • Climate controlled enclosures
  • Burn-in, FAT, SAT tests
  • IEEE battery discharge test
  • Battery disconnects, spill containment and enclosures
  • AC and DC panels

Special transformers: K-rated, zig-zag, low temperature rise, encapsulated…

Rely on us to help you creating the optimal solution to fit your application With our team of electrical and mechanical engineers, don’t hesitate to consult the Primax team to help you design the optimum solution for your needs.

P850i Series Inverters (DC to AC Converters)

AC Panels

P850u AC UPS Series