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Manufacturer of DC & AC UPS, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers & Accessories

For utilities, power generation and industrial applications

Our Products

AC Auxiliary Backup Systems

Primax designs and manufactures robust AC auxiliary backup systems (AC systems) capable to provide clean industrial power to critical loads. These systems are used in applications such as power generation, wastewater, mining and industrial plants to feed turbine lube pumps, controllers, sensitive processes, emergency lighting, etc.

The AC system is generally formed of a double-conversion UPS, backup battery and AC distribution panel. The UPS is formed with a rectifier, an inverter, a static transfer switch and a manual bypass switch with a separate main and emergency feeds.

Redundancy, harsh environment , limited footprint are among the important site factors. Primax can adapt the UPS design for enhanced safe and optimal operation.

Utility Grade Chargers

Utility grade battery chargers are designed to provide clean and reliable power to feed substation loads and adequately recharge stationary batteries. Primax manufactures a broad line of SCR and switch mode chargers with an extensive option list to satisfy most stringent requirements and standards. IEEE, NERC, UL, CSA and IEC are among the few standards we comply with.

Primax can also modify the design of chargers to meet critical application needs efficiently and affordably: Redundancy (N+N or N+x), communication protocols, custom size, color and NEMA cabinets are some of the many options we can provide.

DC Auxiliary Backup Systems

Primax designs and manufactures industrial grade and integrated DC auxiliary systems (DC systems). These systems usually consist of battery chargers, stationary battery, battery disconnects and dc panels.

Using the site’s electrical specifications, loads and physical layout, Primax will offer a complete solution to comply with applicable electrical, sizing and installation standards: IEEE battery sizing, Hydrogen evolution, seismic conditions, electrical protection coordination and selection, cabinets protection types, outdoor climate controlled enclosures, etc.

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Why Primax?

We provide industrial solutions that handle your challenges quickly and efficiently. It is the deep relationships we’ve built with our customers that help us stay at the forefront of new product developments. We’re committed to developing and manufacturing high quality AC and DC backup solutions that are reliable, durable and smarter…paying special attention to customer details as every unique challenge requires a unique solution.

Industries We Serve

Electrical Utilities

Our cutting-edge AC and DC systems are designed to cater to the unique power requirements of electrical utilities, offering dependable backup power, efficient battery charging, and reliable power conversion for enhanced grid stability and reliability.

Power Generation

With our advanced AC and DC power solutions, we support the power generation sector by delivering reliable backup power, efficient battery charging, and seamless power conversion for uninterrupted electricity production.


Enhanced productivity is achieved through reliable and efficient operations. Our comprehensive range of AC and DC systems are engineered to meet the critical power needs of industrial facilities.

Oil & Gas

We specialise in providing robust AC and DC power solutions that ensure uninterrupted operations in the demanding and hazardous environments of the oil and gas industry whether they be in scorching deserts or in the middle of roaring oceans.

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