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Our Story

We are a power electronics manufacturer, that values employee well-being, and customers over everything else. Founded in 1993, the origin of our name, Primax, came from combining the words “Prime” and “Maximum” to reflect our aim to provide prime products with maximum value.

Primax was founded by 2 passionate engineers, Haissam Nasrat and Dara Daraï in Montreal. Till this day, we are continuously growing and innovating  since our humble beginnings to include a balanced team of design and manufacturing engineers, managers as well as specialists in sales, marketing and administration.

In addition to our direct sales force, we have over 20 representing firms and associates to serve local markets.

Our Mission

In an industry challenged by outside factors by way of new regulations and technological developments, Primax Technologies strives to be a trusted partner. Our focus is to smoothen and simplify the operation of backup critical systems in utilities, power generation, oil & gas and other industrial applications.

We provide industrial solutions that handles your challenges quickly and efficiently. It is the deep relationships we’ve built with our customers that help us stay at the forefront of new product developments. We’re committed to develop and manufacture high quality ac and dc backup solutions that are reliable, durable and smarter…paying special attention to customer details.

Our Product Line

Our product portfolio grows dynamically and in tandem with needs of the market. We design and manufacture the following : 

AC systems, including: 

  • Industrial grade uninterruptible power systems (UPS) 
  • Batteries 
  • AC distribution panels 

DC systems, including: 

  • SCR (thyristor) based chargers 
  • High frequency switch mode based chargers 
  • Batteries 
  • DC distribution panels 

Our Craftsmanship

Quality is the core value behind Primax philosophy. Sales, product development, manufacturing processes, training and service are integral part of our ISO 9001 quality management system. Our system ensures: 

  • Meeting quality standards objectives 
  • Continuous improvement and problem prevention 
  • Adequate control of our operations and departments 
  • Optimal resources allocations 
  • Well-documented activities and procedures 

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We invest in continually improve our personnel knowledge, products, services and processes to address present and future challenges. 

Markets We Serve

We serve the medium and high voltage industrial and the electrical sector markets including: 

  • Power generation plants 
  • Transmission lines substations 
  • Distribution substations 
  • Industrial, municipal and private substations 
  • Natural resources facilities: Oil & Gas, mining, smelters, petrochemicals… 

International Certifications

Primax products are certified to the most stringent applicable standards by national certifying agencies: 

  • ISO 9001-2015 : Quality Management Systems  
  • UL 1012 : Chargers/rectifiers 
  • CSA C22.2 107.1 : Chargers/rectifiers 
  • UL 1778 : Uninterruptible Power Systems 
  • CSA C22.2-107.3 : Uninterruptible Power Systems 
  • IEC 61040: Uninterruptible Power Systems 
  • IEC 61000: Emission and immunity limits 
  • IEEE 693: Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of Substations 
  • IBC: International building code 
  • CBC: California building code