P4600 Series SCR type battery chargers

In today’s operational world the basic stationary battery charger can no longer keep up with modern demands of communication, monitoring and maintenance automation.
At Primax, we offer integrated solutions giving the user unparalleled flexibility, future upgrades and ease of utilization for your present and future growth.

Our P4600 series is the evolution of our microprocessor controlled “Thyristor” (SCR) based rectifier. Its advanced features allow communication, battery monitoring and maintenance automation at your fingertips.  NERC compliance standards are thereby facilitated.

The P4600 user-friendly touchscreen display allows one to access all parameters in a visually interactive format. This optimal communication feature provides the ability to remotely and securely interact with all of the system parameters and set-up features including our unique battery monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

The P4600 series is designed to provide up to 750VDC and 3000A in single phase or 3 phase; and 6 or 12 or 18 pulse configurations with or without THD filter. The P4600 series is engineered to comply with UL-CSA-IEC-NEMA-ABS standards.


Download P4600 pamphlet