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The EZ-Pack conforms to the sizing specifications as outlined in the IEEE485 and IEEE946 standards. In the event of a power outage, the substation load will be solely supported by the battery, and the following sequence of actions will occur:

  • Immediately upon the power outage, all breakers will be tripped in unison to isolate critical loads. This process typically lasts for a few seconds.
  • The battery will provide power to sustain steady substation loads for a duration of 8 hours, maintaining voltage levels down to 1.75V per cell (for example, 105V for a 125V system).
  • Upon completion of the 8-hour period, the breakers will be sequentially reset one by one, thereby reconnecting the critical plant loads.
  • Upon restoration of AC power, the EZ-Swap charger, appropriately sized for the task, will take over to power the continuous load and restore battery capacity to above 90% within a timeframe of 10 to 12 hours.

During the process of determining battery size, several factors were considered. Each medium voltage breaker incorporates the following components: 1x 500W motor and solenoid, 1x 30W protection relay, 1x 30W metering unit, and 1x 10W indicating LED. Furthermore, a 25% aging factor has been taken into account in the calculations.

How it makes your life EZ :

  • Reduce your engineering time
  • Reduce your footprint
  • Reduce your substation assembly time
  • Reduce your risk of potential errors
  • Reduce your overall cost