Primax offers a lot more than high quality backup systems. We can help you from the very beginning from the design assessment through project completion, it’s life span, upgrade or replacement at the end of its useful life.


In addition to the detailed protection, coordination, electrical and mechanical specs and calculations, Primax qualified experts and hands-on engineers can help evaluate your needs by assessing the power requirements and the environmental conditions, the definition of the solution and its specification, the evaluation of the direct cost and the best return on your investment throughout the life of the system.

Project Completion:

Designing and manufacturing quality systems is part of our objectives. But our sales engineers and technical team can do more during the realization of your mission critical projects. Among other things, we can custom design the system to optimize its protection selection and coordination, its alarming and communication and give new solutions for your space usage.

Prior and during the installation, we can assist you in the plant witnessing, the system commissioning and site acceptance test, test schedules respecting all national and international codes such as; IEEE, NEC, CEC, IEC, etc.

Throughout the Life:

Appropriate servicing and maintaining of your backup systems components must be routinely performed to insure highest reliability of your mission critical system. We can be your single point of reference for your battery testing as per applicable standards (IEEE) with constant current load banks, trending them as they age, chemical sampling and integrated power system test and calibration.

System Upgrade and Replacement:

Critical decision must be made when system reliability starts deteriorating or repair cost begin to increase. We can help you redefining your actual power requirements and evaluate the upgrade or replacement schemes then scheduling to minimize any service disruption.

We can take care of component life cycle evaluation: batteries, capacitors, control circuits. In addition, we can help you in battery removal and disposal to comply with the recent environmental codes as well as supply bridging equipment to eliminate any critical shutdown.

Whatever the case may be, we will work closely with you to make sure that you benefit the most from our experience and expertise.

At Primax, we pride ourselves in our excellent communication and follow-ups with our customers!