Beyond energy transmission and distribution; electrical utilities are continuously facing the challenge of providing excellent reliability, high performance and keeping up with modern processes and strict regulations. In the dc systems evolving tends, the solution is automation and communication. So you will need to automate your dc system functions, monitoring and remotely gather critical information.
The P4600 and the P600 chargers series can alleviate this pain.

Typical chargers supply the load, keep batteries on float, equalize the batteries and provide basic alarms: HVDC, LVDC, AC Fail, Rectifier Fail, Ground Fault, One to Five Form C contacts for annunciation. They also have current limiting and voltage regulation features.

Let’s take a look at a few of Primax’s technologically advanced options to help you reducing your maintenance expenditure, optimizing battery life and maximize your system’s reliability:

  • An Event Log (250 Events), Date and Time stamped.
  • A second level of low volts to get you a preventing warning signal when you battery has start discharging.
  • High Volt Shutdown, Rectifier High & Low Amp, Rectifier High & Low Voltage, High Ripple alarm, High & Low Charger Temperature alarm & shutdown, High & Low Frequency alarm/shutdown, An Intelligent auto-equalize program that ensures your batteries are not under or over charged

The next level:

  • Intelligent Auto Equalize Stop based on: Time (Default Back-up Mode), voltage level, DC low current, AH returned
  • Battery protection: Battery recharge current limiting, Temperature compensation (Based on battery temperature), Battery high temperature alarm & shutdown

Other smart options:

1- Built in Ampere-hour meter to indicate:

  • During normal operation: Battery discharging alarm and the battery state of charge in % of the battery at all times.
  • During an Outage: how many Amps are being drawn from the battery in real time, how much backup time is left (Based on the A/h rating of the battery)
  • During the recharge cycle: How many Amps the charger is delivering to the battery vs. the total load in Amps required from the charger.

2- Battery Monitoring & Testing

  • Battery Imbalance monitor
  • Battery Continuity Tester & Battery open alarm, Battery Capacity Tester (Using the station’s load and a small resistive load, your charger will periodically load test your battery. Should your battery have lost capacity, the charger will activate an alarm. This test can be done automatically without human intervention Without interfering with your required backup time.

3- Communication

  • A true read & write communication module available in any of the following protocols: DNP3, MODBUS & MODBUS TCP/IP, Web server page, IEC 61850

4- Further Protection

  • Watchdog Circuitry: Unmonitored control board failure is not an option. Our watchdog circuitry will constantly monitor your charger. Should any circuit board fail, the charger will automatically generate an alarm that helps prevent damage to your equipment.

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