Stationary Battery Chargers

Whether you are looking for new chargers or retrofitting existing systems, our portfolio of state-of-the-art stationary battery chargers with the advanced accessories list, provide you full capabilities to to fit your site present and future needs. Primax chargers are based on the latest control technology with built-in programs, control and options in 1ph, 3ph, 1A up to 3000A, 1V up to 600Vdc.

  • Opt for the SCR design if you need extremely high reliability charger and space is not an issue: P4600 series
  • Opt for the EZ-Swap design if you need compact and light design with easy maintenance: P600 EZ-Swap series
  • Opt for the hot-Swap design if you need  compact design at high power with N+1 redundancy: P600 Hot-Swap series

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Download P4600 pamphlet